Mechanical Properties and Adhesion II (E2-2-ThA)
Thursday, Apr 30 2020 1:20PM, Room San Diego
Moderated by: Megan J. Cordill, Erich Schmid Institute for Material Science, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria; Jazmin Duarte, MPI für Eisenforschung GMBH, Germany; Ming-Tzer Lin, National Chung Hsing University
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1:20 PME2-2-ThA-1Toughening Magnetron Sputtered S-phase Stainless Steel Coatings by Cycling the N2 Gas Flow Rate
1:40 PME2-2-ThA-2Nb-containing Diamond-like Carbon Films Fabricated by Radio Frequency (rf) Magnetron Sputtering Technique
2:00 PME2-2-ThA-3Insights into Indentation-Induced Cracking via 3D-FIB Tomography and HR-EBSD
2:40 PME2-2-ThA-5Influence of Twin Wire Arc Spraying Process Parameters on Microstructure and Hardness of Steel Coatings
3:20 PME2-2-ThA-7Effect of the Incorporation of Ag Layers in the Structure of an Hydroxyapatite Coating Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering
3:40 PME2-2-ThA-8Abrasion Wear Resistance of Low Temperature Plasma Nitrided Inconel 625 Superalloy
4:00 PME2-2-ThA-9Effects of Processing Parameters of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation on the Microstructure, Adhesion Strength and Corrosion Resistance of Oxide Layers on ZK60 Magnesium Alloys
4:20 PME2-2-ThA-10Progressive Metallic Coatings for Enhancing Corrosive Properties of Magnesium Alloys
4:40 PME2-2-ThA-11Nanostructured CVD W/WC Coating with Enhanced Resistance to Water Droplet Erosion and Cavitation
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