Mechanical Properties and Adhesion I (E2-1-ThM)
Thursday, Apr 30 2020 8:00AM, Room San Diego
Moderated by: Megan J. Cordill, Erich Schmid Institute for Material Science, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria; Jazmin Duarte, MPI für Eisenforschung GMBH, Germany; Ming-Tzer Lin, National Chung Hsing University
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8:00 AME2-1-ThM-1Effect of Residual Stress on the Mechanical Properties of Nitride-Based Protective Coatings Deposited by Pulsed-Plasma Sputtering Techniques
8:20 AME2-1-ThM-2Influence of polyamide type film former and alkoxysilane association on the surface and adhesion properties of PA 6-6/Glass
8:40 AME2-1-ThM-3Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Adhesion Between MoS2 coated AFM tips
9:00 AME2-1-ThM-4Controlled Spalling of Microscale, Single-Crystal Films of High-Quality, High-Value Semiconductors
9:40 AME2-1-ThM-6Thin-film Adhesion: A Comparative Study Between Colored Picosecond Acoustics and the Stressed Overlayer technique
10:00 AME2-1-ThM-7Hyperelasticity and Viscoelasticity in Thin Organic Semiconductor Coatings
10:40 AME2-1-ThM-9Comparing the Residual Stress Gradient Measurement of ZrN using FIB-DIC and Xray Diffraction
11:00 AME2-1-ThM-10Effect of Si Addition to DLC on the Sliding Interface Structure between the DLC-Coated Disk and Bearing Steel Ball Slid under Dry Condition in Ambient Air
11:20 AME2-1-ThM-11Structural, Nanomechanical and Tribological Properties of Manganese Phosphate Coatings
11:40 AME2-1-ThM-12Effect of Substrate on the Evolving Mechanical and Tribological Behavior of a Superhydrophobic Silane Thin Film
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