Friction, Wear, Lubrication Effects, and Modeling II (E1-2-TuA)
Tuesday, Apr 28 2020 1:40PM, Room San Diego
Moderated by: Nazlim Bagcivan, Schaeffler AG, Germany; Manel Rodríguez Ripoll, AC2T Research GmbH, Austria
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1:40 PME1-2-TuA-1The Synergistic Effect of Surface Texturing with TMD Coatings for Improving Friction in Lubricated Contacts
2:00 PME1-2-TuA-2Tribological Properties of Vanadium-doped Coatings via Reactive Molecular Dynamic Simulations
2:20 PME1-2-TuA-3Influence of Laser Texturing Treatments on the Tribological Performance Of Tmd-C Coatings
2:40 PME1-2-TuA-4The Thinnest of The Thin: Friction and Adhesion Behavior of Graphene and other Two-Dimensional Materials
4:20 PME1-2-TuA-9Improvement of Adhesion of Sputtered Mo-S-N Coatings using a DC Magnetron Sputtering for Low Friction Applications
5:00 PME1-2-TuA-11Up-scale of the Deposition Process for Self-Lubricating Mo-Se-C Coatings Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering
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