Interplay Between Computational and Experimental Design of Coatings and Processes II (B6-2-MoA)
Monday, Apr 27 2020 2:00PM, Room California
Moderated by: Paul Heinz Mayrhofer, Institute of Materials Science and Technology, TU Wien, Austria
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
2:00 PMB6-2-MoA-1Controlling Phase and Microstructure of Ti-Cr-Al-N System Deposited by Arc Ion Plating
2:40 PMB6-2-MoA-3Maximum N Content in a-CNx and other Amorphous Nitrides
3:00 PMB6-2-MoA-4Transition Metal Carbonitride based Thin Films: A Critical Review on Thermal and Elastic Properties of Group IV to VI TMC1-xNx
3:40 PMB6-2-MoA-6Simulation for Compositional Variation in Reactive Magnetron Sputtered NiTi Films
4:00 PMB6-2-MoA-7Electronic Structure based Design of Thin Film Metallic Glasses with Superior Fracture Toughness
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