CVD Coatings and Technologies II (B2-2-MoA)
Monday, Apr 27 2020 2:00PM, Room Golden West
Moderated by: Raphaël Boichot, Université Grenoble Alpes, CNRS; Kazunori Koga, Kyushu University
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
2:00 PMB2-2-MoA-1Silicon Carbide Coatings for High Temperature Receiver of Concentrated Solar Power Plants
2:20 PMB2-2-MoA-2In-situ Investigation of the Oxidation Behaviour of Chemical Vapour Deposited Zr(C,N) Hard Coatings Using Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
2:40 PMB2-2-MoA-3Plasma-assisted Deposition using Microdroplets
3:20 PMB2-2-MoA-5Fundamental Study of (100) Oriented cubic AlTiN Coating with High Al content by Chemical Vapor Deposition
3:40 PMB2-2-MoA-6Chemical Quantifications of LPCVD Nanolamellae Ti1-xAlxN1-yCoatings by Analytical Electron Microscopy and Atom Probe Tomography
4:00 PMB2-2-MoA-7Hot Filament CVD Diamond Coatings for Hard-to-machine Materials
4:20 PMB2-2-MoA-8Protective Amorphous CrCx Coatings Grown at Very Low Temperature by Direct Liquid Injection MOCVD
4:40 PMB2-2-MoA-9High Rate SiO2 by Microwave Induced PECVD for Transparent Wear Resistant Coatings
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