Coatings to Resist High-temperature Oxidation, Corrosion, and Fouling II (A1-2-MoA)
Monday, Apr 27 2020 2:00PM, Room Pacific Salon 1
Moderated by: Sebastien Dryepondt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA; Shigenari Hayashi, Hokkaido University; Justyna Kulczyk-Malecka, Manchester Metropolitan University
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2:20 PMA1-2-MoA-2Intrinsic and Extrinsic Size Effects on the High Temperature Oxidation of APS and HVOF MCrAlY Coatings
2:40 PMA1-2-MoA-3Active Corrosion Protection of PEO Coatings on Magnesium Alloys
3:00 PMA1-2-MoA-4Early Detection and in-situ Monitoring of the Oxidation of an MCrAlY Coating by Thermoreflectometry
3:20 PMA1-2-MoA-5Effect of Nickel Percentage on the Morphology, Wear and Corrosion Resistance of Zn-Ni Alloy Coating
3:40 PMA1-2-MoA-6The Effect of Cr-addition on Hot Corrosion Resistance of Hot-dip Aluminized Low Carbon Steel under Static Load
5:00 PMA1-2-MoA-10Corrosion Behavior and Durability of Microstructure of Stainless Steel Rebars in Simulated Concrete Pore Solution Containing Chloride with Different PH
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