Wednesday April 29, 2020
8:00AM Sessions
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Session CodeRoomSessionType
A2-2-WeMPacific Salon 1Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings IIOral
B3-WeMGolden WestDeposition Technologies and Applications for Diamond-like Coatings IOral
B7-WeMCaliforniaPlasma Surface Interactions, Diagnostics and Growth ProcessesOral
C3-WeMRoyal Palm 1-3Thin Films for Energy Applications:  Solar, Thermal, and PhotochemicalOral
E1-3-WeMSan DiegoFriction, Wear, Lubrication Effects, and Modeling IIIOral
G5-WeMPacific Salon 2Hybrid Systems, Processes and CoatingsOral
H2-2-WeMPacific Salon 6-7Advanced Mechanical Testing of Surfaces, Thin Films, Coatings and Small Volumes IIOral
TS2-3-WeMPacific Salon 3New Horizons in Boron-Containing Coatings: Modeling, Synthesis and Applications IIIOral