Hard Coatings and Vapor Deposition Technologies Sessions
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Session CodeSessionTypeTimeRoom
B5-1-Hard and Multifunctional Nanostructured CoatingsOralMonday, 10:00 AMGolden West
B5-2-Hard and Multifunctional Nanostructured CoatingsOralMonday, 01:30 PMGolden West
B1-1-PVD Coatings and TechnologiesOralTuesday, 08:00 AMGolden West
B2-1-CVD Coatings and TechnologiesOralTuesday, 08:00 AMCalifornia
B1-2-PVD Coatings and TechnologiesOralTuesday, 01:30 PMGolden West
B2-2-CVD Coatings and TechnologiesOralTuesday, 01:30 PMCalifornia
B1-3-PVD Coatings and TechnologiesOralWednesday, 08:00 AMGolden West
B6-Coating Design and ArchitecturesOralWednesday, 08:00 AMCalifornia
B1-4-PVD Coatings and TechnologiesOralWednesday, 01:30 PMGolden West
B3-Deposition Technologies and Applications for Diamond-like CoatingsOralWednesday, 01:30 PMCalifornia
B4-1-Properties and Characterization of Hard Coatings and SurfacesOralThursday, 08:00 AMGolden West
B4-2-Properties and Characterization of Hard Coatings and SurfacesOralThursday, 01:30 PMGolden West
BP-Symposium B Poster SessionPosterThursday, 05:00 PMGrand Hall
B4-3-Properties and Characterization of Hard Coatings and SurfacesOralFriday, 08:00 AMGolden West