In-Silicio Design of Novel Materials by Quantum Mechanics and Classical Methods (jointly sponsored by ICMCTF and AQS) I (TS3-1-WeA)
Wednesday, Apr 29 2020 2:00PM, Room Pacific Salon 3
Moderated by: David Holec, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
2:00 PMTS3-1-WeA-1Benchmarking Simulational Approaches to Predict High-Temperature Elastic Constants of Ti(0.5)Al(0.5)N Alloy
2:20 PMTS3-1-WeA-2Design of Ultrastrong 5d Transition Metal Diborides
2:40 PMTS3-1-WeA-3Bill Sproul Award and Honorary ICMCTF Lecture: Are Protective Coatings Predictable? A Mid-Career Assessment
3:20 PMTS3-1-WeA-5Influence of Impurities on Mechanical Properties of Nitride Multilayer Coatings
4:00 PMTS3-1-WeA-7Multiscale Modelling of Thin Metal Film Growth on Weakly-interacting Substrates
4:20 PMTS3-1-WeA-8Computational Modeling of 3D Thin Film Growth Morphology: Influence of Angular and Energy Distribution of Particle Flux
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