New Horizons in Boron-Containing Coatings: Modeling, Synthesis and Applications I (TS2-1-TuM)
Tuesday, Apr 28 2020 8:00AM, Room Pacific Salon 3
Moderated by: Marcus Hans, RWTH Aachen University, Germany; Helmut Riedl, TU Wien, CDL-SEC, Austria; Johanna Rosen, Linköping University, Sweden
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:00 AMTS2-1-TuM-1Enhanced High-temperature Oxidation Resistance of Hard TiB2-rich Ti1-xAlxBy Thin Films
8:20 AMTS2-1-TuM-2Design of Under/Overstoichiometric Superhard TaB2±x Films
8:40 AMTS2-1-TuM-3Thermomechanical Properties and Oxidation Resistance of Ternary W1-xTaxB2-z Coatings
9:00 AMTS2-1-TuM-4Configurational and Vibrational Thermodynamics of Metastable Ternary Ti1-xAlxB2 Alloys with Age-Hardening Potential, and their Constituent Binaries
9:20 AMTS2-1-TuM-5Stoichiometry, Structure and Mechanical Properties of Co-Sputtered Ti1-xTaxB2±Δ Coatings
9:40 AMTS2-1-TuM-6Fracture–Microstructure Relations of W-diboride Thin Films
10:00 AMTS2-1-TuM-7Design of Novel Boride-based Hard and Tough Coatings for Engineering Applications
10:20 AMTS2-1-TuM-8A Progress Report on Bulk MAB Phases
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