Advanced Characterization Techniques for Coatings, Thin Films, and Small Volumes (Symposium H) Poster Session (HP-ThP)
Thursday, May 23 2019 5:00PM, Room Grand Hall
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5:00 PMHP-ThP-1Cyclic Tensile Deformation of Freestanding, Nanocrystalline NiTi Films using MEMS Stages
5:00 PMHP-ThP-3Ion Irradiation Behavior of a Nanocrystalline BCC High-Entropy Alloy
5:00 PMHP-ThP-4Evaluation of Properties in Steel with Hard Coating under Hydrogen
5:00 PMHP-ThP-5Effect of Zn Interlayer Microstructure on Corrosion Resistance and Adhesion Strength of Zn-Mg/Zn Coating on TRIP Steel
5:00 PMHP-ThP-6Coatings and Interfaces Characterization: Depth Profiling from the First Nanometer down to the Substrate using RF GD-OES
5:00 PMHP-ThP-7In situ Measurement Setup for DC Magnetron Sputtering Thin Film Deposition
5:00 PMHP-ThP-8Preparation and Physical Properties of Multiferroic CaMn7O12 Thin Films
5:00 PMHP-ThP-9SIO X-Ray: View Inside your Material with Contact Experiments
5:00 PMHP-ThP-10Classification of Aluminum Alloys by an Inexpensive Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy System
5:00 PMHP-ThP-11Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy: Advances toward Quantitative Coating Compositional Depth Profiling
5:00 PMHP-ThP-12Effect of the Cobalt Content on the Magnetic and Corrosion Properties of Electro-formed Fe-Ni-Co Thin Foils
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