Advances in Industrial PVD, CVD, and PCVD Processes and Equipment (G1-)
Wednesday, Apr 25 2018 8:00AM, Room Sunset
Moderated by: Emmanuelle Göthelid, Sandvik Coromant R&D; Ladislav Bardos, Uppsala University
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8:00 AMG1-1Enhanced PVD Process Control by Online Substrate Temperature Measurement
8:20 AMG1-2A Compact, Symmetrical and Efficient Filtered Cathodic Arc Source that uses Permanent Magnets
8:40 AMG1-3HiPIMS Meets Diamond
9:00 AMG1-4Functional DLC by HiPIMS and Pulsed DC-magnetron Sputtering in an Industrial Coating System
9:20 AMG1-5Microwave Assisted PVD and PECVD Systems for Carbon-Based Nano Composites
10:00 AMG1-7Correlation Between Plasma Nitriding of Several Steels and Active Nitrogen Concentration Correlated through Optical Emission Spectroscopy and Atomic Nitrogen Partial Pressure
10:20 AMG1-8CVD Technology & Machinery – Tribological Applications and High Temperature Potential
10:40 AMG1-9Vacuum Barrel Coating: An Opportunity to Performance Increase for Various Small Parts
11:00 AMG1-10Scaling Up Graphene-like Carbon Film: Insights into the Deposition Process in a Roll-to-roll rf Plasma CVD System
11:20 AMG1-11TAOS Based Cu/TiW/IGZO/Al2O3/Pt Bilayer CBRAM for Low-power Display Technology
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