Advances in Industrial PVD, CVD, and PECVD Processes and Equipment/Innovative Surface Engineering for Advanced Cutting and Forming Tool Applications (G1+G3-ThM)
Thursday, May 23 2019 8:00AM, Room Pacific Salon 1
Moderated by: Ladislav Bardos, Uppsala University; Emmanuelle Göthelid, Sandvik Machining Solutions; Ali Khatibi, Oerlikon Balzers, Oerlikon Surface Solutions AG; Christoph Schiffers, CemeCon AG, Germany
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:00 AMG1+G3-ThM-1Predicting Coating Uniformity and Cathode Utilization in Magnetron Sputtering Applications using Numerical Simulation
8:20 AMG1+G3-ThM-2Multinary HiPIMS
8:40 AMG1+G3-ThM-3From Small Parts to Particles – Experiences in Bulk Coating
9:00 AMG1+G3-ThM-4A Novel Industrial Coating System for the Deposition of Smooth Hard Coatings Combining HiPIMS V+ and Rotatable Magnetrons
9:20 AMG1+G3-ThM-5From DCMS to HiPIMS: A Giant Leap for Cutting Tools?
10:00 AMG1+G3-ThM-7Application of Twin-Roll PECVD for Surface Functionalization on Flexible Substrate
10:20 AMG1+G3-ThM-8A New System Platform for Ultrafast Nitriding and Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Deposition Based on a Hollow Cathode Discharge
10:40 AMG1+G3-ThM-9Combinatorial Development of Nitride and Oxide Thin Films on an Industrial Scale
11:20 AMG1+G3-ThM-11Protective, Tribological and Decorative PECVD Coatings Deposited with a New Microwave Source: Plasma and Layer Characterization for Appropriate Applications
11:40 AMG1+G3-ThM-12Complex Coating Technique for Smallest Part of Advanced Powertrain Fuel System
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