New Horizons in Coatings and Thin Films (Symposium F) Poster Session (FP-ThP)
Thursday, Apr 30 2020 5:00PM, Room Grand Hall & Foyer
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5:00 PMFP-ThP-1High Efficient Water Splitting Cell having High-entropy Oxide Catalysts
5:00 PMFP-ThP-2Characterization of Fe-Cr-Ni Alloy Thin Film Sputter Deposited from SUS316 Target
5:00 PMFP-ThP-3High-Entropy Perovskite Oxides as Advanced Catalysis
5:00 PMFP-ThP-8Structure and Mechanical Properties of ZrB2+x and ZrAlB2+x Hard Coatings
5:00 PMFP-ThP-9Structural and Photoluminescence Properties of ZnO Nanorods Grown on Various TCO Seed Layers by Chemical Bath Deposition
5:00 PMFP-ThP-10Characterization and Photoluminescence of Al- and Ga-doped V2O5 Nanostructures Synthesized by Thermally Activated Process
5:00 PMFP-ThP-11Microstructure and Physical Properties of AlCoCrCu0.5FeNi High Entropy Alloy Nitride Thin Films Grown by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
5:00 PMFP-ThP-12Effect of Process Pressure on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Amorphous (AlCoCrNi)N High Entropy Nitride Thin Films
5:00 PMFP-ThP-13Fracture Resistance Characterized by Bonding Nature Via Ab Initio Calculations
5:00 PMFP-ThP-14Combinatorial Sputtering Exploration of Zn-Sn-O (ZTO) Composition Spreads
5:00 PMFP-ThP-15Electrical and Mechanical Properties of NbMoTaW(Re) High Entropy Alloy Thin Films
5:00 PMFP-ThP-17Thermal Conductance at Nanoscale Amorphous Boron Nitride/Metal Interfaces
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