2D Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications (F3-)
Thursday, Apr 26 2018 8:00AM, Room San Diego
Moderated by: Eli Sutter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA; Liping Wang, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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8:00 AMF3-1Crystallization Kinetics of Photonically Annealed Two Dimensional Materials and Heterostructures
8:20 AMF3-2The Application of Pulsed Laser Deposited a-BN for Temperature and Oxidation Resistance of 2D MoTe2 Semiconducting Devices
8:40 AMF3-3A Predictive Thermokinetic Model of Friction in MoS2
9:00 AMF3-4Supercritical Fluid Assisted Synthesis of V2O5/VS2 Nanocomposites for use in Supercapacitor
9:20 AMF3-52D and Layered Metal Chalcogenide Semiconductors: Growth, Electronic Structure, Light-Matter Interactions
10:00 AMF3-7Fabrication and Photocatalytic Application of Functional group Modification of Carbon Nitride Derivatives nanosheets
10:20 AMF3-8Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance for g-C3N4 through the Addition of α-MoO3 Nanobelts and Mesoporous TiO2 Beads
10:40 AMF3-9Fabrication of Nanostructured MoS2 Thin Films on Porous Silicon Substrate for Ammonia Gas Sensing Properties
11:00 AMF3-10Wettability, Sructural and Optical Examination of Sputtered Zirconium Oxide Thin Films
11:20 AMF3-11Synthesis and Characterization of Molybdenum-based Thin Films for Flexible Electronics
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