Tribology and Mechanical Behavior of Coatings and Engineered Surfaces (Symposium E) Poster Session (EP-ThP)
Thursday, May 23 2019 5:00PM, Room Grand Hall
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5:00 PMEP-ThP-1Corrosion and Tribology Behaviour of TiC Ihin Film on Titanium and its Alloys Grown by RF Magnetron Sputtering for Biomedical Application
5:00 PMEP-ThP-2Deposition of DLC/Si-N Composite Films Synthesized by Sputtering-PBII Hybrid System and Their Thermal Stability
5:00 PMEP-ThP-3Mechanical and Tribological Performance of TiAlN, TaN and Nanolayered TiAlN/TaN Coatings Deposited by DC Magnetron Sputtering
5:00 PMEP-ThP-4Development of Catalytically Active Nano-Composite Coating for Severe Boundary Lubricated Conditions of Hydraulic Fluids
5:00 PMEP-ThP-5Size-Independent High Strength of CuTi/Ti Metallic Glass/Crystalline Nanolayers
5:00 PMEP-ThP-6Extended Crack-free Tensile Deformation of Ultrathin Metallic Glass Films Due to an Intrinsic Size Effect
5:00 PMEP-ThP-7Cavitation Resistance of the Tungsten Carbide Coating Remelted by CO2 Laser Applied in AISI 1020 Steel
5:00 PMEP-ThP-8Experimental Evidence of Loading Path Effect on Cracks Pattern in Thin Films on Stretchable Substrate
5:00 PMEP-ThP-9Microstructure and Properties of Copper after Laser Surface Treatment
5:00 PMEP-ThP-10Study of Dynamic Behavior of a Particle Produced with Wire Arc Spraying Technique in Transport Phase
5:00 PMEP-ThP-11Effect of Surface Treatments on AISI H13 Steels.
5:00 PMEP-ThP-12Mechanical Properties and Fretting Corrosion of Zr/ZrN/CNx Hierarchical Multilayers Deposited by HIPIMS on Ti Biomedical Alloy
5:00 PMEP-ThP-13Quantum Tools for Life-Time Prediction of Coatings and Thin Films
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