Biointerfaces: Improving the Cell Adhesion and Avoiding Bacteria Adhesion. What Kinds of Coatings Should be Used? (D4-)
Tuesday, Apr 24 2018 1:30PM, Room Royal Palm 1-3
Moderated by: Marcela Bilek, The University of Sydney; Margaret Stack, University of Strathclyde, UK; Vincent Fridrici, Ecole centrale de Lyon, LTDS
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2:10 PMD4-3Titanium Oxide Coatings to Improve Cell Adhesion and Differentiation
2:50 PMD4-5Antibacterial Thin Films with Controlled Antibiotics Release Based on Plasma Polymer
3:10 PMD4-6Development of a Microfluidic Based Multianalyte Biosensor Device for Medical Diagnostics
3:30 PMD4-7Bactericidal Activity and Cytotoxicity of a Zinc Doped PEO Titanium Coating
3:50 PMD4-8Antibacterial Effects of Titanium Embedded with Silver Nanoparticles Based on Electron-Transfer-Induced Reactive Oxygen Species
4:10 PMD4-9Tribocorrosion and Cytotoxicity of FeB-Fe2B Layers on AISI 316 L Steel
4:30 PMD4-10Optical Spectroscopic study for Atmospheric Pressure Plasma by Radio Frequency Power
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