Surface Coatings and Surface Modifications in Biological Environments (D1-2-)
Monday, Apr 23 2018 1:30PM, Room California
Moderated by: Kerstin Thorwarth, EMPA - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology; Mathew T. Mathew, University of Illinois College of Medicine, USA
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1:30 PMD1-2-1Optimisation of Antimicrobial Silver Nanocomposite Coatings on Orthopaedic Grade Cobalt Chromium Alloys and the Related Simulator Analyses in Knee Surgery
1:50 PMD1-2-2Structure and Properties of Novel Hydrophobic Cr-Ag Antibacterial Coatings Deposited by Closed-field Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering
2:10 PMD1-2-3Thin Film Metallic Glass : A Lubricated Coating on Medical Needle for Reducing Fracture Toughness and Damage of Phantom Materials
2:30 PMD1-2-4Biocompatibility and Antimicrobial Performance of a Durable Super-hydrophobic Surface Modified Stainless Steel
2:50 PMD1-2-5Immobilization of Carboxylic Acid Groups on Polymeric Substrates by Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor or Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Deposition of Acetic Acid
3:10 PMD1-2-6Coatings Deposition by RF Magnetron Sputtering of Loosely Packed Hydroxyapatite Powder Target
3:30 PMD1-2-7Advanced Medical Biosensing Systems with Soft/Stretchable Materials and Assemblies
4:10 PMD1-2-9Cyclic Voltammetry Study of Electrolytic Plasma Processing of Porous Ti
4:30 PMD1-2-10Corrosion and Degradation Behavior of dahp pre-treated PCL Composite Coatings on Pure Magnesium
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