Fundamentals and Technology of Multifunctional Materials and Devices (Symposium C) Poster Session (CP-ThP)
Thursday, May 23 2019 5:00PM, Room Grand Hall
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5:00 PMCP-ThP-1Comparison of SiCxNy Barriers using Different Precursors Deposited on Porous Low-Dielectric-constant SiCOH Dielectric Films
5:00 PMCP-ThP-2Stretchable Ultrasonic Transducer Arrays for Three-Dimensional Imaging on Complex Surfaces
5:00 PMCP-ThP-4Electrospun TIO2 Nanofiber Electrodes for High Performance Supercapacitor
5:00 PMCP-ThP-5Characteristics of Random-grid Copper Meshes Fabricated Using Microspheres
5:00 PMCP-ThP-6Fabrication and Characterization of Ni-coated Ag Nanowire Electrodes with Bubble-like Random Meshes
5:00 PMCP-ThP-7Characteristics of Silver Nanowire Transparent Electrodes Optimized for High Stretchability
5:00 PMCP-ThP-8On the Electrical Property of Sr0.8Bi2.2Ta2O9/HfO2 Ferroelectric/Dielectric Composite Film on Si Substrate for Non-Volatile Memory Applications
5:00 PMCP-ThP-9Microstructure and Electrochemical Properties of rf Sputtered V2O5 Thin Films
5:00 PMCP-ThP-10Metal Doped TiO2 Layer for High Performance Perovskite Solar Cell
5:00 PMCP-ThP-11Magnetic Behavior of Nano Structured Co/Ni and Co/AlO/Ni Layers
5:00 PMCP-ThP-12Thin Film Deposition of Lithium and its Alloys for High Energy Density Battery
5:00 PMCP-ThP-13Study of Stress-electrical Properties of ITO Film Deposited on Stretchable Substrate
5:00 PMCP-ThP-14A New Method for Measuring Chemical Composition with Hollow Cathode Discharges
5:00 PMCP-ThP-17Effect of Magnetron Sputtering Metal/PET Process on Performance of Flexible Capacitors
5:00 PMCP-ThP-18Dual Box Model based In situ Ellipsometry Growth Characterization: Oxygen Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Metal Oxide Ultra-thin Films
5:00 PMCP-ThP-19Controlled Release of Encapsulated Agents Deposited on Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) Coatings for Corrosion Resistance and Biomedical Applications
5:00 PMCP-ThP-20Ag@Co3O4 Core-shell Nanocrystals for Oxygen Reduction Reaction via Solution Plasma Process
5:00 PMCP-ThP-21Influence of Substrate Temperature on the Growth of Molybdenum Trioxide Thin Films
5:00 PMCP-ThP-22Evaluation of the Influence of Pre-carburisation on the In-situ Performance of Chromized 304 Stainless Steel Bipolar Plate
5:00 PMCP-ThP-23Piezo- and Thermo-resistive Thin Films Integrated into a Polymer Injection Mold to Control Dynamically the Pressure and Temperature of the Injection Process
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