Functional Coatings and Thin Films for Electronic Devices II (C2-2-ThA)
Thursday, Apr 30 2020 1:20PM, Room Royal Palm 1-3
Moderated by: Julien Keraudy, Oerlikon Balzers, Oerlikon Surface Solutions AG, Liechtenstein; Jörg Patscheider, Evatec AG
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
1:20 PMC2-2-ThA-1Effect of Substrate Bias on the Properties and Microstructure of Nanotwinned Cu Thin Films
1:40 PMC2-2-ThA-2Study of Thermal Stability of Highly (111)-oriented Nanotwinned Ag Films by using Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering
2:00 PMC2-2-ThA-3Fabrication and Surface/Interface Characterization of Mo-Ga Thin Films
2:20 PMC2-2-ThA-4Stress Relaxation in the Si-SiO2 System and its Influence on the Interface Properties
2:40 PMC2-2-ThA-5Materials and Processes for Integration of IC Chips through Advanced Packaging
3:20 PMC2-2-ThA-7P-type Nitrogen Substituted Zinc Oxide Transparent Semiconductor Thin Films Grown on Glass Substrates by Sol-gel Method
3:40 PMC2-2-ThA-8Atmospheric-Pressure Synthesis of Atomically Smooth, Conformal, and Ultrathin Low-k Polymer Insulating Layers by Plasma-Initiated CVD
4:00 PMC2-2-ThA-9Sputtered Gold-tantalum Oxide Films with High Electrical Resistivity
4:40 PMC2-2-ThA-11Nanostructured Multifunctional Architectural Glass Glazing for Future Green Cities
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