Novel Oxide Films for Active Devices (C2-2-)
Thursday, Apr 26 2018 1:30PM, Room Sunrise
Moderated by: Marko Tadjer, Naval Research Laboratory, USA; Vanya Darakchieva, IFM, Linkoping University
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1:30 PMC2-2-1Investigation of Negative Bias Temperature Instability under Illumination on P-type Low Temperature Poly-crystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistors
1:50 PMC2-2-2Mechanism of Reset Process with Varying Compliance Current in High-k Spacer Resistance Random Access Memory
2:10 PMC2-2-3Improve Reliability of Complementary Resistive Switching Induced by Carbon Dopant in Indium-Tin-Oxide as The Insulator in Resistive Random Access Memory
2:30 PMC2-2-4Study on the Characteristic of Cobalt Silicide Electrode Resistive Random Access Memory
2:50 PMC2-2-5Material and Device Engineering for Gallium Oxide Electronics
3:30 PMC2-2-7The Ultra-violet Light Effect on the Off-state Current of InGaZnO Thin Film Transistor with the Different Structure
3:50 PMC2-2-8Study on the Characteristics of Device in Copper Ion Movement during Operation Process in Conductive-Bridging Random Access Memory
4:10 PMC2-2-9The Degradation Mechanism of Tungsten Electrode on HfO2-based Resistance Random Access Memory (RRAM)
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