Hard Coatings and Vapor Deposition Technologies (Symposium B) Poster Session (BP-ThP)
Thursday, May 23 2019 5:00PM, Room Grand Hall
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5:00 PMBP-ThP-1Low Stress AlTiN-Based Coating Systems
5:00 PMBP-ThP-2Multi-Target Co-Sputtering Deposition and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Zr-Based High-Entropy Alloy and Nitride Coatings
5:00 PMBP-ThP-3(Ti1-xYx)B2+Δ Thin Films - Structural Evolution and Mechanical Properties
5:00 PMBP-ThP-4Post-annealing of (Ti,Al,Si)N Coatings deposited by High-Speed Physical Vapor Deposition (HS-PVD)
5:00 PMBP-ThP-6Discrete Thin-film Multilayer Structures of TiB2 and ZrB2 Ceramics for Super-hard and Tough Coating
5:00 PMBP-ThP-7Effect of Bias Voltage on Mechanical Properties of Zr–Si–N Films Fabricated through HiPIMS/RFMS Cosputtering
5:00 PMBP-ThP-9Influence of the C/N Ratio on the Mechanical and Tribological Properties of the AlCrCN Coatings by Cathodic Arc Deposition
5:00 PMBP-ThP-11The Effects of Pulse Frequency on the Growth of Diamond Using Pulse Microwave Plasma CVD
5:00 PMBP-ThP-12Analysis of Reaction Gas States on Synthesis of Boron Doped Diamond by HF-CVD
5:00 PMBP-ThP-13Effects of Boronizing Pretreatment on the Adhesion of B-doped Diamond on Ti Substrates
5:00 PMBP-ThP-14High Entropy Nitride Thin Film (Cr0.35Al0.25Nb0.12Si0.08V0.20)Nx for Tribological Characteristics at High Temperature
5:00 PMBP-ThP-15Search of New (Al0.25Cr0.3Nb0.1Si0.08Ti0.1Mo0.17)Nx Coatings for Feasible Application at High Temperature
5:00 PMBP-ThP-17Mechanical Properties and Thermal Stability of Cr-X-N (X=Al, Zr, Si) Multilayered Coatings Synthesized by UBMS
5:00 PMBP-ThP-18e-Poster Presentation: The Role of Vacancies in the W-N System
5:00 PMBP-ThP-19Probing Defected Layers of MoN/TaN and TiN/WN Superlattices
5:00 PMBP-ThP-20Investigation of CVD Stability Windows for Tungsten Carbide Phases
5:00 PMBP-ThP-22Photocatalytic Activity of Metal Oxide Thin Films Deposited by MS-PVD and Layer-by-Layer for Hydrogen Production by Water Splitting
5:00 PMBP-ThP-23Nanocomposite (Ti,Al,Cr,Si)N HPPMS Coatings for High Performance Cutting Tools
5:00 PMBP-ThP-24Surface Hardening of AISI 1018 Steel: Microstructural Characterization of Boride and Nitride Layers
5:00 PMBP-ThP-25Microstructural Characterization of a New Powder-pack Carbo-boro-nitriding Process
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