Hard Coatings and Vapor Deposition Technologies (Symposium B) Poster Session (BP-ThP)
Thursday, Apr 30 2020 5:00PM, Room Grand Hall & Foyer
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5:00 PMBP-ThP-1Behavior of Partially Oxidized Metal Targets
5:00 PMBP-ThP-2Effects of Cu Metal Barrier on Electrical Stability and Reliability of Porous Low-dielectric-constant Materials
5:00 PMBP-ThP-3Nanolayer Ti-Al-O-N Hard Coatings for Corrosion Protection in Electrolytes Simulating Polycarbonate Melt Processing Conditions
5:00 PMBP-ThP-4Mechanical and Tribological Performance of V-C-N Coatings Deposited by RF Magnetron Sputtering
5:00 PMBP-ThP-5Correlation Between the Plasma Analysis and Properties of the Films of ZnO-Au Deposited by the Hybrid Technique Combining Pulsed Laser Ablation and Magnetron Sputtering
5:00 PMBP-ThP-6Pulse Synchronized Substrate Bias for the HPPMS Deposition of (Cr,Al)N
5:00 PMBP-ThP-7Fracture-related Characteristics of TiN Films at Elevated Temperatures
5:00 PMBP-ThP-8High Photoresponsivity Sensor with Stannic Oxide Thin Film Transistor based Architecture
5:00 PMBP-ThP-9Incorporation Of Metallic Nanoparticles On Diamond-Like Carbon Films For Combustion Engine Components Using Dc Pulsed Pe-Cvd With Additional Cathode.
5:00 PMBP-ThP-10e-Poster Presentation: Bipolar HiPIMS for Tailoring Ion Energies in Thin Film Deposition
5:00 PMBP-ThP-11Influence of Deposition Parameters on the Corrosion Resistance and Wear Resistance of Iron-Based Coatings Produced with Electric Wire Arc Spraying Technique for Application in Shipbuilding Industry
5:00 PMBP-ThP-12In-situ Analysis of B-doped Diamond Synthesis using Hot Filament CVD
5:00 PMBP-ThP-13Relationship between Electrical Resistivity and Emission Species in Plasma during Boron Doped Diamond Synthesis
5:00 PMBP-ThP-14Development of a Multilayer Ti/TiN/TiAlN/ReN Coating System and Evaluation of their Microstructural, Mechanical and Tribological Properties
5:00 PMBP-ThP-15Pulsed Laser Deposition of Nitride and Carbide Single- and Multi-Layered Coatings
5:00 PMBP-ThP-16Hybrid LACS Coatings: Industrial Use
5:00 PMBP-ThP-18Carbon PVD Deposition with Doped Targets
5:00 PMBP-ThP-19High-power Cathodic Arc Evaporation for High-rate Deposition of Hard Stress-free TiN Coatings
5:00 PMBP-ThP-20Fracture Mechanisms in Superlattices: A Case Study of TiN/TaN
5:00 PMBP-ThP-21The State of Coating – Substrate Interfacial Region formed during the Coating Deposition by Gas Injection Magnetron Sputtering Technique
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