Symposium B Poster Session (BP-)
Thursday, Apr 26 2018 5:00PM, Room Grand Hall
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5:00 PMBP-1Electrical and Reliability Characteristics of Dielectric Stack with Low Dielectric Constant SiCOH and Capping SiCNH Films
5:00 PMBP-3Adhesion And Durability Of Multi-Interlayered Diamond-Like Carbon Film Deposited On An Aluminum Alloy
5:00 PMBP-4The Effect of Cu on Fatigue Properties of TiZrNbN Coatings
5:00 PMBP-5Thermal Stability of Ni-B/ La2O3 Coatings by Electro-brush Plating Technique
5:00 PMBP-6Properties of CrNx Thin Films Deposited in Plasma Activated Polymers by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
5:00 PMBP-9Influence of Ti on the Phase Stability of Magnetron Sputtered Mo-Si-B Thin Films
5:00 PMBP-10Carbide Layer Coating on Titanium by Spark Plasma Sintering Technique
5:00 PMBP-13Growth Kinetics of Boride Coatings on AISI W2 Steel
5:00 PMBP-15Study on Steels Boronizing Immersed in Diesel
5:00 PMBP-17Deposition of Nanodiamond Coatings on Steel Implant Materials with CrN/Al Interlayer
5:00 PMBP-18MoN/TaN Superlattices: from a Computer Design to a Realization
5:00 PMBP-20Effect of Mo Concentration on Structure and Properties of Zr-Mo-N Thin Films Deposited by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
5:00 PMBP-21Anti-staining Coatings on PET Fabrics by Using a Spraying/ Plasma-Polymerization Duplex Technique
5:00 PMBP-22Fracture Resistance of Nanocomposite/Metal Nitride Multilayers: Role of Interfaces
5:00 PMBP-23Vacancies in Al-O-N Crystallites
5:00 PMBP-26Effects of Bias Voltage on Microstructure and Properties of Al-doped Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon Films Prepared by a Hybrid Deposition Technique
5:00 PMBP-27Comparison of Chromium Carbide Thin Films Grown by Different Power Supply Systems
5:00 PMBP-28Self-organized Formation of Different Nanostructure in Carbon-metal Films Prepared by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
5:00 PMBP-29Anticorrosive Properties of (Zr-Si-Ti-N)Ni Thin Films Deposited by Co-Sputtering
5:00 PMBP-30Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel Coatings With and Without Silver Deposited by Sputtering
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