Plasma Surface Interactions, Diagnostics and Growth Processes (B7-WeM)
Wednesday, Apr 29 2020 8:00AM, Room California
Moderated by: Yolanda Aranda Gonzalvo, University of Minnesota, USA
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8:00 AMB7-WeM-1Energy and Momentum Fluxes at Plasma Processing of Materials
8:40 AMB7-WeM-3Utilizing Visible Spectroscopy to Determine Ionization Behavior of Tungsten Atoms Sputtered by Argon Ions
9:00 AMB7-WeM-4Erosion and Cathodic Arc Plasma of Nb–Al Cathodes: Composite vs. Intermetallic
9:20 AMB7-WeM-5A Force Probe as a Tool to obtain Directionally Resolved Momentum Characteristics during Sputter Processes
9:40 AMB7-WeM-6The Plasma Effect on Electrical Performance of Stannic Oxide P-type Thin Film Transistors
11:00 AMB7-WeM-10Improved Electrical Characteristics of Ge nMOSFET with Post Interfacial Layer Plasma Treatment
11:20 AMB7-WeM-11Optical Emission Spectroscopy of Glow Discharged Plasma Pulsed Nitriding of Pure Iron
11:40 AMB7-WeM-12Variation of Deposition Rate and Plasma Parameters vs Positions in DC Magnetron Sputtering System
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