Coating Design and Architectures (B6-ThM)
Thursday, May 23 2019 8:00AM, Room California
Moderated by: Shou-Yi Chang, National Tsing Hua University; Paul Heinz Mayrhofer, Institute of Materials Science and Technology, TU Wien, Austria
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:00 AMB6-ThM-1The Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Boron Based Films Grown by HiPIMS Under Different N2 Contents
8:20 AMB6-ThM-2Peculiar Oscillations in Nano-scale AlN/TiN and Other Nitride-based Superlattices
8:40 AMB6-ThM-3Impact Fatigue and Mechanical Properties of AlTiCrN and AlTiCrSiN Hard Coatings with Optimal Design of Interlayers
9:00 AMB6-ThM-4Improvement of CrMoN/ SiNx Multilayered Coatings on Mechanical and High Temperature Tribological Properties
9:20 AMB6-ThM-5Tuning the Hardness–toughness Relationship by Combining MoN with TaN
9:40 AMB6-ThM-6Microstructure, Mechanical and Tribological Performance of Complex TiAlTaN-[TiAlN/TaNn] Coatings: Understanding the Effect of Volume Fraction
10:00 AMB6-ThM-7Plastic Deformation in Transition-Metal Nitrides and Carbides via Density-Functional Molecular Dynamics
10:40 AMB6-ThM-9Phase Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Isostructural Decomposing W1-xMxB2 Thin Films
11:00 AMB6-ThM-10Van der Waals Layer Promoted Heteroepitaxy in Sputter-deposited Thin Films
11:20 AMB6-ThM-11Improvement of Tribological Properties for Hard Coatings by Stress Control
11:40 AMB6-ThM-12Is WB2-z a Proper Base System for Designing Ternary Diboride based Thin Films?
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