Coating Design and Architectures (B6-)
Wednesday, Apr 25 2018 8:00AM, Room California
Moderated by: Nina Schalk, Montanuniversit├Ąt Leoben; Shou-Yi Chang, National Tsing Hua University
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8:00 AMB6-1Ab Initio Inspired Design of Ternary Boride Thin Films
8:20 AMB6-2Enthalpy/Entropy-driven Segregation of Solute Elements of Cu Alloy Films to Self-form < 2 nm Unitary V to Quinary V-Nb-Mo-Ta-W Diffusion Barrier Layers
8:40 AMB6-3Mechanical Properties of V0.5Mo0.5N1-xOx Thin Films
9:00 AMB6-4Hard Transparent Coatings in the Al-Si-O-N System
9:20 AMB6-5Exploitation of Surface Modification and Architecture Control for Multi-Functional Coatings via Nano-Composite, Multilayer, Hybrid Organic/Inorganic and Bio-Inspired Approach
10:00 AMB6-7The Effect of Hybrid PVD Process on the Mechanical and Antistatic Properties of TiO2 Based Nanocomposite Thin Film
10:20 AMB6-8Optical, Electrical and Structural Characteristics of Mg-doped CuCrO2 Transparent Conductive Thin Films
10:40 AMB6-9Brittle Film-induced Cracking of Ductile Substrates
11:00 AMB6-10Ultra-high Vacuum dc Magnetron Sputter-deposition and Microstructural Characterization of Zr and ZrCx Thin Films
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