Properties and Characterization of Hard Coatings and Surfaces I (B4-1-WeA)
Wednesday, Apr 29 2020 2:00PM, Room California
Moderated by: Naureen Ghafoor, Thin Film Physics Division, IFM, Link√∂ping University; Marcus G√ľnther, Robert Bosch GmbH; Fan-Bean Wu, National United University
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
2:00 PMB4-1-WeA-1Properties of Thin Film Metallic Glass Produced by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
2:20 PMB4-1-WeA-2Effect of Functionally Graded Layers on Tribological Behavior of TiZrN Coatings on AISI D2 Steel
2:40 PMB4-1-WeA-3Comparative Study of Adhesion Strength of TiC Films Deposited by Sputtering, RF or DC Plasma CVD on Chemically Treated WC-Co Substrate
3:00 PMB4-1-WeA-4Thin Film Characterization by Picosecond Ultrasonics on High Curvature Surfaces
3:20 PMB4-1-WeA-5High Temperature Tribology of Hf Doped c-Al0.67Ti0.33N Cathodic Arc PVD Coatings Deposited on M2 Tool Steel
3:40 PMB4-1-WeA-6Mechanical and Tribological Properties of AlCrN Coating Deposited in a Plasma Nitrided Substrate
4:00 PMB4-1-WeA-7Numerical Evaluation of the Contact Fatigue Resistance of AlCrN, N and AlCrN/N Coatings on AISI 4140 Steel
4:20 PMB4-1-WeA-8The Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical properties of Sputtering MoSiN Coatings
4:40 PMB4-1-WeA-9Cross-sectional X-ray Nanodiffraction Characterization of Radiation Damage, Stresses, and Microstructure in Tungsten Coatings
5:00 PMB4-1-WeA-10Modern Analytical Methods for Characterizing the Tribological Material Properties of Coatings
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