Deposition Technologies and Applications for Diamond-like Coatings (B3-)
Wednesday, Apr 25 2018 1:30PM, Room California
Moderated by: Frank Papa, Gencoa; Konrad Fadenberger, Robert Bosch GmbH
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1:30 PMB3-1Tribology of Diamondlike Carbons in Various Application Environments
2:10 PMB3-3Synthesis and Comparison of Highly Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon by Arc-mixed HiPIMS and Arc-free HiPIMS Modes
2:30 PMB3-4Evaluation of Superhard ta-C Coatings for the Machining of Synthetic Materials
2:50 PMB3-5Selection of DLC Coatings for Application in Wrist-watch Mechanisms
3:10 PMB3-6The Role of HIPIMS and Discharges with a Positive Voltage Reversal on Coating Properties in Industrial Applications such as Hard Coatings and DLC
3:30 PMB3-7Towards New Horizon for DLC Coating Technology for Automotive Components
4:10 PMB3-9DC/Pulsed Cathodic Arc Discharge for Deposition of ta-C Coatings
4:30 PMB3-10A General Engineering Applicable Superlubricity: Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon Film Containing Nano Diamond Particles
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