CVD Coatings and Technologies II (B2-2-FrM)
Friday, May 24 2019 8:00AM, Room Golden West
Moderated by: Kazunori Koga, Kyushu University; Raphaël Boichot, Université Grenoble Alpes, CNRS
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
9:00 AMB2-2-FrM-4Facet Engineering of TiO2 by Co-deposition of Pyrolytic Carbon Using Pulsed-pressure MOCVD for Water Purification Applications
9:20 AMB2-2-FrM-5Scale up of the DLI-MOCVD Process to Treat 16 Nuclear Fuel Cladding Segments in Parallel with a Protective CrCx Coating
9:40 AMB2-2-FrM-6Assessment of Low Temperature CVD Routes to MAX Phases in the Cr-Si-C System
10:00 AMB2-2-FrM-7Towards CVD of Hard Coatings Using Hetero-Metallic Precursors
10:20 AMB2-2-FrM-8CVD of Tungsten, Tungsten Nitride and Tungsten Carbide Multilayers
10:40 AMB2-2-FrM-9Deposition of Carbon Nanoparticles Using Multi-Hollow Discharge Plasma CVD for Synthesis of Carbon Nanoparticle Composite Films
11:00 AMB2-2-FrM-10Hot Filament CVD Diamond Coating Technology for Cutting Tool Applications
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