PVD Coatings and Technologies (B1-1-)
Tuesday, Apr 24 2018 8:00AM, Room Golden West
Moderated by: Joerg Vetter, Oerlikon Balzers Coating Germany GmbH; Qi Yang, National Research Council of Canada; Jyh-Ming Ting, National Cheng Kung University
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8:00 AMB1-1-1Boon and Bane of Internal Interfaces and Microstructure Defects
8:40 AMB1-1-3The Material (in) Dependency of Impurity Affected Thin Film Growth
9:00 AMB1-1-4Stress in Sputtered Metal Thin Films: Dependence on Growth Rate and Pressure
9:20 AMB1-1-5Improved Ionization Fraction and Film Quality Using a Serpentine Linear Magnetron and a Modified HiPIMS Waveform
9:40 AMB1-1-6Microstructural, Mechanical and Erosion Properties of Cylindrical Magnetrons Sputter Deposited TiSiCN, TiAlVN and TiAlVSiCN Coatings on Inner Surface of Cylinder
10:00 AMB1-1-7Template Effect on Texture Evolution of VN Thin Films Deposited by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering
10:20 AMB1-1-8IN SITU High Resolution Stress Measurement Coupled with Interrupted Deposition in Case of Völmer-Weber Thin Film Growth
10:40 AMB1-1-9High-Frequency Properties of Soft Ferromagnetic Films on Cemented Carbide Substrates an Approach for Sensor Applications
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