Coatings for Use at High Temperatures (Symposium A) Poster Session (AP-ThP)
Thursday, May 23 2019 5:00PM, Room Grand Hall
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5:00 PMAP-ThP-1Investigation of Microstructure and Properties of Thick Mo Coating obtained via Molten Salt Electrolysis
5:00 PMAP-ThP-2High Temperature Performance of CrAlN Coating on Stainless Steel Substrates in Simulated Diesel Exhaust Environment
5:00 PMAP-ThP-3e-Poster Presentation: Improvement of the Robustness of Time to Failure Assessment in Tbc System
5:00 PMAP-ThP-4Computational Modelling, Synthesis and Characterization of Direct Laser Metal Deposition of Nickel Based Coatings on Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
5:00 PMAP-ThP-5Wear Resistance Performance of AlCrN and TiAlN Coated H13 Tools during Friction Stir Welding of A2124/SiC Composite
5:00 PMAP-ThP-6Diffusion Model for Estimating the Iron Boride Layer Thicknesses
5:00 PMAP-ThP-7STEM Investigations of Oxide Scales formed during Pre-oxidation of γ-TiAl
5:00 PMAP-ThP-8Enhancement of Corrosion Resistance in Electrodeposited Ni-B-SnCoatings.
5:00 PMAP-ThP-9Microstructure of MCrAlY Coatings Deposited Using HVOF after Heat Treatment and Aluminizing
5:00 PMAP-ThP-10Effect of Vanadium Content on the High-temperature Tribo-mechanical Properties of Cr-Al-V-N Coatings Deposited by DC UBMS
5:00 PMAP-ThP-11Tensile Behavior of Air Plasma Spray MCrAlY Coatings: Role of High Temperature Aging and Process Defects
5:00 PMAP-ThP-13Influence of Si-Al Coating on Mechanical Properties of EBMed TiAl Alloy
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