Symposium A Poster Session (AP-)
Thursday, Apr 26 2018 5:00PM, Room Grand Hall
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5:00 PMAP-1Feasibility of using Rare-earth (La and Ce) Sulfates as Functional Embedding Agents for Thermal Barrier Coatings
5:00 PMAP-2Lifetime Performance of Yb-Gd-Y-based Thermal Barrier Coatings with Buffer Layer in Thermally Graded Mechanical Fatigue Environments
5:00 PMAP-3Thermal Durability of Thermal Barrier Coatings – Effect of Purity and Monoclinic Phase in Feedstock Powder
5:00 PMAP-6Integral vs. Local Chemical Composition of (coating) Materials: Is your Solid Solution a Solid Solution?
5:00 PMAP-7Coating Generation and Study for Materials Protection used in Extreme Atmosphere: Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
5:00 PMAP-8The Influence of Reactive Elements on Thermogravimetric Behaviour of New Co-Ni-Al-W Superalloys Dedicated to Bond-coat Deposition
5:00 PMAP-9Study the Surface-aluminizing Coating to Enhance High-temperature Oxidation Resistance of T91 Boiler-used Steel
5:00 PMAP-10New Insights into the Oxidation Behaviour of AlCrSiN Coatings and an Approach to Avoid Trans-interface Diffusion at Elevated Temperatures
5:00 PMAP-12Gradient SiBCN Ceramic Coating for High-temperatue Anti-oxidation Protection of Carbon-carbon Composite
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