Materials and Coatings for Solar Power Concentration Plants (A3-WeA)
Wednesday, May 22 2019 2:00PM, Room Pacific Salon 2
Moderated by: Vladislav Kolarik, Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT; Gustavo García-Martín, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
2:00 PMA3-WeA-1Materials and Coatings for Solar Power Concentration Plants
2:40 PMA3-WeA-3Ductility and Creep Rupture Behavior of Diffusion Coatings Deposited on Grade 91 Steel for Concentrated Solar Power Applications
3:00 PMA3-WeA-4Long-term Molten Salt Corrosion of Aluminide Coatings for Heat Storage in Concentrated Solar Power Plants
3:20 PMA3-WeA-5Burn-in Heat Treatment to Form Aluminide Diffusion Coatings for Industrial Large Scale Application
3:40 PMA3-WeA-6High-Temperature Coatings For Protection of Steels in Contact with Molten Salt for CSP Technology
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