Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings II (A2-2-ThA)
Thursday, May 23 2019 1:20PM, Room Pacific Salon 2
Moderated by: Sabine Faulhaber, University of California, San Diego, USA; Kang N. Lee, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA; Pantcho Stoyanov, Pratt & Whitney, USA
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1:20 PMA2-2-ThA-1Design of Multiphase Environmental Barrier Coatings: Toward Multifunctional Molten Deposit Resistance
2:00 PMA2-2-ThA-3Comparison of Oxidation Procedures of MCrAlY Coatings Deposited by PVD Cathodic Arc Evaporation
2:20 PMA2-2-ThA-4Effect of APS Flash Bond Coatings and Curvature on Furnace Cycle Lifetime of Rods
2:40 PMA2-2-ThA-5Investigation of Thermally Grown Oxide Stress in Plasma-spray Physical Vapor Deposition and Electron-beam Physical Vapor Deposition Thermal Barrier Coatings via Photoluminescence Spectroscopy
3:00 PMA2-2-ThA-6Thermally Conductive and Electrically Insulating Epoxy Nanocomposites with Intercalation of Aluminum Nitride Nanoparticles into Exfoliated Graphite
3:20 PMA2-2-ThA-7Effect of Feedstock Species on Thermal Durability of Thermal Barrier Coatings
3:40 PMA2-2-ThA-8Development of Environmental Barrier Coatings for SiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites via CVD
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