Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings (A2-)
Wednesday, Apr 25 2018 8:00AM, Room Royal Palm 1-3
Moderated by: Kang Lee, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA; Lars-Gunnar Johansson, Chalmers University of Technology; Pantcho Stoyanov, Pratt & Whitney, USA
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8:00 AMA2-1Corrosion Degradation of High Temperature Coatings: Similarities and Differences for Marine and Aero-Turbine Applications
8:40 AMA2-3Evolution of Microstructures and Interfaces in Doped, Layered, and Composite Coatings Exposed to Sand Laden Flows in a Gas Turbine Engine
9:00 AMA2-4The Effect of HVOF Bond Coating with APS Flash Coating on TBC Performance
9:20 AMA2-5Influence of Process Conditions and Ceramic Doping on the Performances of Advanced TBCs Based on Al Slurry
9:40 AMA2-6Synthesis and Characterization of Combined Oxides and Ni Superalloy Coatings by Cathodic Arc Evaporation for Bond Coat Application
10:00 AMA2-7Steam Oxidation Behavior of Yb2Si2O7-Based Environmental Barrier Coatings
10:20 AMA2-8The Fatigue Behavior of TiCrAlTaSiN Coated and Uncoated Titanium Alloys
10:40 AMA2-9Crack Propagation Behavior of Thermal Barrier Coatings with Cyclic Thermal Fatigue Tests
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