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  • The Conference Overview page has tabs to show the overview by Day/Time or by Topic. These show the same lists as the individual Topics>>Sessions page or the Days/Times>>Sessions page.
  • Clicking the '+' icon at the left left of the Topics>>Sessions or Days/Times>>Sessions menu items opens the next-level menu.
  • There are Session menu items for all Sessions sponsored by a Topic, both the Sessions organized by the Topic and those for which the Topic is a Co-Organizer.
  • The Abstract Timeline page shows all abstracts being presented in all sessions during a particular time period. You can filter the list to show only those abstracts in particular topics if you prefer.
  • The Search Papers page lets you enter search criteria and find abstracts meeting those criteria.
  • The Special Events/Meetings page lists events that are not part of the technical program. This might include committee meetings, receptions, meals, workshops, tutorials, etc. Events may be added to the schedule at a later time, so please check back if you are interested.
  • Only the Personal Schedule and Change Password menu items require you to be logged onto the website. The other pages work without logging on.

Your Personal Schedule

  • You can create your own Personal Schedule on this website, listing your selected presentations and/or special events.
  • You need a free website account for your Personal Schedule. See account instructions below.
  • You can add presentations to your schedule on the Session Schedule, Search Papers, Abstract Timeline and Special Events/Meetings pages. If you're not already logged on to the site, click the Logon for Personal Schedule link and either Logon to an existing account or create a new account. When you are logged on, there will be a personal schedule checkbox for each abstract or special event. Check the box to include the item in your schedule, or clear it to remove the item. Schedule updates are automatically saved each time you check or clear a box.
  • The Schedule List tab on the Personal Schedule page lets you view or remove presentations from your schedule, and export your schedule in Microsoft Excel or Word format.
  • The Schedule Calendar tab on the Personal Schedule page shows any time conflicts in your schedule.
  • You can export your Personal Schedule in iCalendar format from the Schedule Calendar tab, which can be automatically imported as appointments in Outlook and other calendaring software.

Your Website Account

  • Only the Personal Schedule and Change Password menu items require you to be logged onto the website. The other pages work anonymously, without a Logon.
  • If you have an account from the Abstract Submission website or the Program Committee website, that account is still active and you may use it on this site. If you want a new account, use the Register for a New Account option on the Logon page. An email address can only be associated with a single Account. If creating a new account fails because the email address is already attached to an existing account, see the next item for requesting a new password.
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  • You can use the Change Password page at any time. This might be especially helpful if you requested a password reset and would like a password that's easier for you to remember.

Export Abstract Lists to Excel and Word , and your Personal Schedule to Outlook and other Calendar Programs

  • You can export the listings from the Session, Personal Schedule and Search pages to Excel or Word using the data export controls.
  • You can also export your Personal Schedule in the standard iCalendar format, which can be automatically imported as appointments in Outlook and other calendaring software.
  • The links to supplemental documents are not included in exports. The documents can only be retrieved through this website. You are welcome to download them and save them on your computer for later reference.
  • Data exports include the abstracts on all pages of the grid, using the current display settings.
  • The Excel export omits the author list and the abstract text because they do not fit well in that format. These can be included in the Word export.
  • When using Excel 2007 or later, you may get a warning that the file you are trying to open is in a different format than the file extension. Please click Yes to continue and open the file.

System Requirements

  • This site requires a javaScript-enabled browser. While this is the default for all current browsers, javaScript can be disabled. If the left-side menu works but not the Edit buttons, your browser may have javaScript disabled.
  • The text editor used for the abstract title and the abstract text should work correctly using any of these browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 9+ (Windows). In addition to javaScript, caching and browser scripting must be enabled.
    • Microsoft Edge (current version)
    • Google Chrome (current and previous version for Windows, Mac & Linux)
    • FireFox (current and previous version for Windows, Mac & Linux)
    • Apple Safari 9.1+ (Mac)
    • Opera 15.0+ and 12.0+ (Windows, Mac & Linux)
    Other browsers might also work, but if you have problems, please try one of the supported configurations.