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  • Use this account to create, edit and submit all your abstracts.
  • Please create all your abstracts using the same Logon account. An account must have an email address, and each email can only be used for a single account. Add new abstracts on the My Abstracts page.
  • If you have forgotten your password, please use the 'Forgot Your Password?' option on the Logon page.

Navigate with the Site Menu on the left. Each page has detailed instructions.

  • The My Abstracts page lets you create, edit, review and submit your abstracts.
  • Start by entering your abstract title and selecting a session on the Paper Info tab. Please use a working email address so you receive emailed confirmations.
  • Return to the Paper Info tab to edit your unsubmitted abstracts, create a new abstract or delete any of your unsubmitted abstracts.
  • You can edit an abstract until you submit it. Changes are saved on the website.
  • To minimize accidental errors, you must manually delete any authors before you can delete an abstract.
  • Use the Abstract Text tab to enter your abstract text (up to 2,700 characters).
  • When first entering abstract text, your browser may require you to click inside the very top of the abstract text area to begin editing.
  • Once the abstract text is entered you can optionally attach a supplemental Adobe Acrobat PDF file (including figures and photos that cannot be entered in the abstract text).
    NOTE: Even after submitting your abstract, you can submit, replace or delete your supplemental Adobe Acrobat PDF file, until this website closes.
  • Please be sure you identify the Presenter and Correspondent on the Authors tab. List as many authors as you want (up to 20), specifying the order in which they should be listed. If you create more than one abstract using the same website account, you can copy authors from your other abstracts.
  • The Summary tab shows everything you've entered for your abstract, so you can review and/or print your information.
  • When your abstract is complete, you must submit it from the Submit Abstract tab.
  • Submission is enabled when all required data has been entered. Any data issues displayed here must be resolved before the abstract can be submitted.
  • When you submit an abstract we send an email confirmation and the summary page shows the submission date.
  • If you've forgotten your password or username, use the reminder request on the Logon page. You can enter your username if you remember it, or the email address you signed up with. The system will email your username and a new password to the specified email address.
  • You can use the Change Password page at any time. This might be especially helpful if you requested a password reset and would like a password that's easier for you to remember.

A Formatted Text Editor is used for the abstract title and abstract text.

  • When first entering abstract text, your browser may require you to click inside the very top of the abstract text area to begin editing.
  • When using the editor, the Help button near the right of the toolbar will explain the tools.
  • Standard toolbar buttons specify bold, italic, underline and sub-superscript formatting.
  • For the abstract text you can also specify paragraph alignment and indentation, and add bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Both editors support cut, copy and paste. Text pasted directly into the editor might have all formatting removed.
  • For the abstract text, an additional toolbar button lets you paste formatted text and keep most of the formatting. If pasted text loses its formatting in your browser, use this toolbar button to keep the text formatting. Please understand that rich text pasting into a browser is less reliable than the word processor you are probably used to. If you have trouble, please try another computer and/or browser. As a last resort, you can paste plain text and apply the formatting with this editor's tools.
  • We do not support custom font types or sizes. Those formats are automatically removed from pasted text.
  • Both editors have a toolbar item to remove formatting from the selected text.
  • Both editors support Undo/Redo.
  • Both editors have a dropdown list of special characters and symbols you can insert. If you don't see the character you want, you can either enter it directly using your keyboard or use your computer's Character Map application.
  • The abstract text editor has a toolbar item to insert a horizontal line. There is another toolbar item to insert a table. You will be prompted to select the table size and properties.
  • Both editors include a spell-checker. There is no special support for technical words, so please ignore errors for technical words or abbreviations you know to be correct.

System Requirements

  • This site requires a javaScript-enabled browser. While this is the default for all current browsers, javaScript can be disabled. If the left-side menu works but not the Edit buttons, your browser may have javaScript disabled.
  • The text editor used for the abstract title and the abstract text should work correctly using any of these browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 9+ (Windows). In addition to javaScript, caching and browser scripting must be enabled.
    • Microsoft Edge (current version)
    • Google Chrome (current and previous version for Windows, Mac & Linux)
    • FireFox (current and previous version for Windows, Mac & Linux)
    • Apple Safari 9.1+ (Mac)
    • Opera 15.0+ and 12.0+ (Windows, Mac & Linux)
    Other browsers might also work, but if you have problems, please try one of the supported configurations.